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  1. Universal Kardar-Parisi-Zhang dynamics in integrable quantum systems
    Bingtian Ye, Francisco Machado, Jack Kemp, Ross B. Hutson, Norman Y. Yao

  2. An absolutely stable open time crystal
    Quntao Zhuang, Francisco Machado, Norman Y. Yao, Michael P. Zaletel

  3. Probing many-body noise in a strongly interacting two-dimensional dipolar spin system
    Emily J. Davis, Bingtian Ye, Francisco Machado, Simon A. Meynell, Thomas Mittiga, William Schenken, Maxime Joos, Bryce Kobrin, Yuanqi Lyu, Dolev Bluvstein, Soonwon Choi, Chong Zu, Ania C. Bleszynski Jayich, Norman Y. Yao


  1. Quantum gas microscopy of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang superdiffusion
    David Wei, Antonio Rubio-Abadal, Bingtian Ye, Francisco Machado, Jack Kemp, Kritsana Srakaew, Simon Hollerith, Jun Rui, Sarang Gopalakrishnan, Norman Y. Yao, Immanuel Bloch, Johannes Zeiher
    Science (2022) and arXiv:2107.00038

  2. Observation of a many-body-localized discrete time crystal with a programmable spin-based quantum simulator
    Joe Randall, Conor E. Bradley, Floris van der Gronden, Asier Galicia, Mohamed H. Abobeih, Matthew Markham, Dan J. Twitchen, Francisco Machado, Norman Y. Yao, Tim H. Taminiau
    Science (2021) and arXiv:2107.00736

  3. Emergent hydrodynamics in a strongly interacting dipolar spin ensemble
    Chong Zu, Francisco Machado, Bingtian Ye, Soonwon Choi, Bryce Kobrin, Thomas Mittiga, Satcher Hsieh, Prabudhya Bhattacharyya, Matthew Markham, Dan Twitchen, Andrey Jarmola, Dmitry Budker, Chris R. Laumann, Joel E. Moore, Norman Y. Yao
    Nature (2021) and arXiv:2104.07678

  4. Floquet Phases of Matter via Classical Prethermalization
    Bingtian Ye, Francisco Machado, Norman Y. Yao
    PRL (2021) and arXiv:2104.13927 (with Viewpoint and Editor's Suggestion)

  5. Observation of a prethermal time crystal,
    Antonis Kyprianidis, Francisco Machado, William Morong, Patrick Becker, Kate S. Collins, Dominic V. Else, Lei Feng, Paul W. Hess, Chetan Nayak, Guido Pagano, Norman Y. Yao, Christopher Monroe,
    Science (2021) and arXiv:2102.01695

  6. Emergent ergodicity at the transition between many-body localized phases,
    Rahul Sahay, Francisco Machado, Bingtian Ye, Chris R. Laumann, Norman Y. Yao
    PRL (2021) and arXiv:2008.08585

  7. Long-Range Prethermal Phases of Nonequilibrium Matter,
    Francisco Machado, Dominic V. Else, Gregory D. Kahanamoku-Meyer, Chetan Nayak, Norman Y. Yao,
    PRX (2020) and arXiv:1908.07530

  8. Emergent hydrodynamics in Floquet quantum systems,
    Bingtian Ye, Francisco Machado, Christopher David White, Roger S. K. Mong, Norman Y. Yao,
    PRL (2020) and arXiv:1902.01859

  9. An improved Lieb-Robinson bound for many-body Hamiltonians with power-law interactions,
    Dominic V. Else, Francisco Machado, Chetan Nayak, Norman Y. Yao,
    PRA (2020) and arXiv:1809.06369

  10. Exponentially Slow Heating in Short and Long-range Interacting Floquet Systems,
    Francisco Machado, Gregory D. Meyer, Dominic Else, Chetan Nayak, Norman Y. Yao,
    PR Research 2019 and arXiv:1708.01620

  11. Imaging stress and magnetism at high pressures using a nanoscale quantum sensor,
    S. Hsieh, P. Bhattacharyya, C. Zu, T. Mittiga, T. J. Smart, Francisco Machado, B. Kobrin, T. O. Höhn, N. Z. Rui, M. Kamrani, S. Chatterjee, S. Choi, M. Zaletel, V. V. Struzhkin, J. E. Moore, V. I. Levitas, R. Jeanloz, N. Y. Yao,
    Science (2019) and arXiv:1812.08796

  12. Imaging the local charge environment of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond,
    Thomas Mittiga, Satcher Hsieh, Chong Zu, Bryce Kobrin, Francisco Machado, Prabudhya Bhattacharyya, Nicholas Rui, Andrey Jarmola, Soonwon Choi, Dmitry Budker, Norman Y. Yao ,
    PRL (2018) and arXiv:1809.01668 (with a Viewpoint)

  13. Shaping Polaritons to Reshape Selection Rules,
    Francisco Machado, Nicholas Rivera, Hrvoje Buljan, Marin Soljačić, Ido Kaminer,
    ACS Photonics and arXiv:1610.01668

  14. An analysis of the evolving comoving number density of galaxies in hydrodynamical simulations, Paul Torrey, Sarah Wellons, Francisco Machado, Brendan Griffen, Dylan Nelson, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Ryan McKinnon, Annalisa Pillepich, Chung-Pei Ma, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, and Lars Hernquist, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 454(3):2770–2786, 2015

These authors contributed equally to the work.