Broadly I am interested in quantum dynamics in particular out of equilibrium dynamics and out-of-equilibrium phases of matter.

Out-Of-Equilibrium Phases - Time-Crystals

The field of out-of-equilibirum phenomena has recently gained a lot of interest as Many-Body-Localization allowed for the generic realization of long-lived out-of-equilibrium (driven) systems. From MBL and the recent ideas of time translation symmetry breaking, arose the concept and the observation of a time crystal.

I am interested in the properties of this phase of matter and other possible out-of-equilibrium phases of matter, not only their existence but also the protocols for their observation in experiments. An example has been our recent study of the existence of time crystaline order in pre-thermal long-range 1D systems (in preparation).

Quantum Control/Manipulation

Besides probing different phases of matter, being able to controllably access and manipulate quantum states is of great interest both as a possible technological platform, but also as a tool for fundamental studies of physics. With this in mind, I've been interested in the quantum systems like NV centers, which are very promising quantum platforms even at room temperature, but also in the study of engineering selection rules (and hence the quantum evolution) of electronic systems with the use of polaritonic excitations arXiv:1610.01668.